Apple has recently tapped the home construction industry as an attempt to integrate its HomeKit platform into houses being built.

According to Apple’s vice president of product marketing Greg Joswiak, the company wishes to “bring home automation to the mainstream.” And the best place to start with this, as Joswiak believes, is at the beginning; when a house is just being constructed.

Once the technologies become available in the homes, they will be come with iPad-controlled blackout shades, video doorbells, music systems, self-running baths, lights, and many more.

As of this writing, Apple has been said to work with construction companies such as Lennar Corp. in Miami, Brookfield Residential Properties Inc. in Calgary, Canada, and a few other names. Despite this, the companies have not yet unveiled which homes will be integrated with HomeKit.

By partnering with these firms, Apple is creating a strategy for them to increase their revenue. And since these technologies sound to be promising, it’s interesting to see how far they could go with making it reach mainstream.

In some states, the use of smart technology has become a legal demand. One such example is in Austin, Texas; wherein new homes and apartments are now required to be equipped with smart thermostats.

Considering the fact that home automation seems like a promising feature to keep homes safer and more energy-efficient, it’s likely going to be adopted by more homeowners throughout the world; if they haven’t yet.

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