Third-Party Manufacturers Unveil New Bands For The Apple Watch Series 2

Apple recently launched the Apple Watch Series 2 Hermès edition as part of its lineup of Watch devices. Following the launch, a couple of accessory manufacturers unveiled their latest products fully developed for the new Apple Watch.

First on the list is Incase, which managed to create 12 new Apple Watch bands. These new bands come with the nylon NATO style, which is a lot similar to the nylon options offered by Apple as well as other third-party options. They also offer some leather Apple Watch bands that would be perfect for those with a distinct taste.

Incase’s nylon bands come in 38mm and 42mm sizes; and are sold in Anthracite, Blonde, Deep Red, and Black color options. Compared to Apple’s own nylon watch bands, Incase offers its nylon bands at $39.95 apiece. Meanwhile, the leather bands (also available in 38mm and 42mm sizes) come in black and brown color. These are available for $59.95.

Apart from Incase, Belkin also announced its first band for the Apple Watch Series 2. The band is made out of leather and comes in black, tan, and gray color options. It is priced at $59.99 but is currently not yet available in the market.

A prior report from 9to5Mac showed that Apple was working with a few third-party manufacturers in order to create these bands for the new Apple Watch. At the time of reporting, Incase was said to be among those manufacturers Apple was planning to work with.

Despite this, there is no word on whether Apple will be selling these bands in its own retail stores, especially since they already have quite a selection of their own as well as the Hermès bands. But considering it also sells iPhone accessories produced by third-party makers, it wouldn’t be difficult to see these new Apple Watch bands being sold by Apple too.

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