IPhone 7 Third-Wave Launch On October 14, Then Oct 21 In South Korea

Apple Premium Reseller iStore has tweeted that the iPhone 7 will be coming to South Africa on October 14, their website, along with Apple’s, now confirms the date. Alongside South Africa, the new iPhone will be launching in Macao, Macedonia, Malaysia, Montenegro, and Turkey.

ET News also reports that the iPhone 7 is expected to launch in South Korea, Samsung’s home country, a week later on October 21. Though, it says that’s not concrete.

Through discussion that took place [yesterday], Apple Korea and three mobile network providers have decided to release the iPhone 7 on the 21st of October, based on final approval from Apple Headquarters.

As it stands, Apple products are only sold in South Korea via third parties, but it seems Apple has plans to launch its own retail location within the country.

The iPhone 7 looks like it’s doing much better due to Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note 7 exploding and having to be recalled multiple times.

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