The IPhone 7 Smart Battery Case Has A 26% Larger Battery Than The IPhone 6s Version

As customers around the world begin to receive their iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case, it’s now confirmed that the battery is rated at 2,365 mAh, which makes it 26% larger than the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case at 1,877 mAh.

Apple says the iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case at 100% will provide 26 hours of talk time, 22 hours of internet use on LTE, and up to 24 hours of video playback.

iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case is 2365 mAh, up from 1877 for iPhone 6.

— Nick Guy (@thenickguy) September 14, 2016

When the battery is plugged in without the iPhone, an orange charging indicator appears towards the bottom of the case. With a phone, the battery status can be viewed within the Notification Center and on the Lock screen.

The iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case retails for $99 on Apple’s website.

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