Apple Offering $100 Credit For Search Ads

A number of changes to its App Store were introduced by Apple at the start of the year. One of these changes has just been included on the updates done on iOS 10. As first seen when the update went into beta mode, ads are now included in the search results.

Now that iOS 10 has officially launched, the update has also been included on Search Ads. At the same time, Apple now makes it available for developers to purchase the spot to advertise their apps.

Apple has created a dedicated webpage on how developers can be guided through the entire process of how Search Ads may be purchased. There are also some retail offers that could be beneficial to them. Considering the fact that 65 percent of app downloads come from search results, it could be beneficial for a developer to put his app on top with a Search Ad.

Apple promises that Search Ads can easily be used and that an ad can be set up in “just a few easy steps.” Also, Apple notes that Search Ads have a stringent privacy and content controls, making sure it’s safe to use for everyone. Developers also have full control over their ads.

As part of its launch, Apple is offering $100 credit for new Search Ads users. This way, everyone can try the benefits of the campaign and see how well it could lead to success for an app. If you would like more information, on Search Ads, visit their website today.

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