Apple is getting ready to launch the iPhone 7 in India next month. One of the ways it is preparing for the launch is by adding a new online retail partner for the device. The main reason for this is because the company still relies on third-party retailers so it can sell Apple products in the country.

By adding Flipkart, Apple enters a Win-Win deal with the company as it can ensure that each iPhone sold stays in line with its mandated prices. Flipkart is the second online retail partner of Apple after it had tapped Infibeam to sell its products.

Apple sees India as a growing market and a potential for huge opportunity for the company. Unfortunately, they have had difficulty selling iPhones in the region as compared to their other markets around the world. Of course, this has not been helpful in its sales.

Earlier in the month, there were rumors that Apple will be manufacturing some of its devices in India through Foxconn. If the rumor proved to be true, it would have helped Apple build its own retail presence in the country in the long run; especially since there were earlier reports that the local government would be giving them the final go-signal on bringing its retail stores.

But with all the hullabaloo in discussing local law exceptions and where iPhones would be manufactured, this was not granted to the company.

Despite this, Apple has shifted its efforts on assisting India’s app developer economy through its app accelerator effort. Apple CEO Tim Cook has even met and lobbied with government officials in hopes of swaying their vote but to no avail.

So for now, Apple will have to do with a second official online retail partner before it gets the nod on selling its products directly. The iPhone 7 has been launched in 30 additional countries throughout the world today. India will be the next to follow this launch as it nears the iPhone 7 kick off on October 7.

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