After Stepping Down As CEO, Steve Jobs Planned To Run A Secret TV Set Project

With Apple rumored to be working on an actual TV set, Steve Jobs was believed to have the perfect way to create a TV set two months before his passing, via Recode.

The report says that Jobs called tech journalist Walt Mossberg on August 24, 2011, right after Jobs announced his resignation as CEO. The call, according to Mossberg, started with Jobs explaining that he would still be involved with strategic ideas and would save one task for himself: a television.

“He was going to still be involved. Their press release made some vague nod toward that. But he wanted me to know that he was going to be involved in big strategic things, and also that he was going to reserve one particular thing for himself.”

“I said, ‘well, what’s that?’”

“He said, ‘Well, it’s television … I think we figured out a way to do it, and it’s going to be fantastic. I want you to come out, in a few months, and I want to show it to you.’”

After that, Jobs continued to explain that Apple was going to “reinvent the whole TV set,” not just the set-top box we know as Apple TV today. “It would be Apple-esque, meaning it was high quality, and easy to use,” Mossberg explained of his phone call with Jobs.

Of course, Mossberg didn’t come out to Cupertino because Jobs had passed by that time.

Since Jobs’ death, Apple has been aggressively trying to work on its Apple TV set-top box. Rather than working on an actual TV set, the company has been building on its set-top box idea.

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