There’s a new Kickstarter project for a levitating Apple Watch charger currently making the rounds online. But if you’re curious to know about its price, the charger will be sold at $249.

If you think that’s a lot of money for a charger, you can pledge as a backer on the Kickstarter campaign so you can get one for as low as $159.

Since the Apple Watch is built to charge itself inductively, the LIFT charger was designed to take things to a different level; literally. Instead of typical chargers, the LIFT charger suspends the charger from the ground with the help of magnets.

As a result, the Apple Watch appears to be floating freely in mid-air as it charges itself on the dock.

According to the designer, Levitation Works, the design of the LIFT charger was patterned after Porsche. Built with an aluminum and ceramic body, perhaps the only thing missing on the LIFT charger was a Porsche logo.

The materials used were specifically chosen for suitability and non-conductivity. On the side of the unit is a practical touch along with a built-in battery. When the charger is not being used to charge an Apple Watch, it can be used as an optional levitating light.

Even though the unit costs a pretty sum, there has already been a number of people who have pledged to the Kickstarter campaign. And with 34 days left, the LIFT charger has already hit its $44,000 goal and has gone over by up to four times. Would you be interested in the charger?

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