With the next-gernation iPhone to be announced next week, there’s already lots we already know about the device. The new iPhone, dubbed iPhone 7 for simplicity, will largely resemble its predecessor, the iPhone 6s, with a cleaner antenna design, new cameras (dual cameras on the 5.5-inch model). There’s also been rumblings of a new color option, ‘Space Black’.

Macotakara has leaked an image that suggest Apple will add a glossy ‘Space Black’ in addition to Space Gray, not replacing the color. This would mean Apple will sell five color variations of the iPhone 7, in addition to two screen sizes and three storage options.

The Space Black color is described as looking similar to the latest-generation 2013 Mac Pro, or the Space Black stainless steel Apple Watch. This would make it much darker than the current Space Gray color, or even the slate iPhone 5. The picture in question depicts leaked SIM trays, which also indicates that Apple will be choosing a different shade for its Space Gray color.

The report also claims that both iPhone models will have optical image stabilization, something that the 5.5-inch model has been getting OIS exclusively since its inception. In addition to OIS, both models will be getting a larger sensor, going from 1/3.2 inch to 1/3.06 inches.

As previously reported, the 5.5-inch model will be getting a much larger camera upgrade, with a dual-camera lens system. In addition it may be the first model of iPhone to enable optical zoom.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be announced next week on September 7 at a press event in San Fransisco. Stay tuned as Today’s iPhone will be covering the event.

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