Pinterest recently purchased Instapaper, a popular read-it-later service that has already gained traction with the public. According to Pinterest, they intend to maintain the app and make it available for its users.

Prior to buying the service, Instapaper used to belong to Betaworks, the same firm behind Digg; who purchased it from Marco Arment, the creator of the app. Currently, Arment develops Overcast, another popular podcast player.

The acquisition was revealed through a blog post, along with a promise that the service won’t be changing anytime soon. The only change mentioned on the blog post is the new Instapaper headquarters, which will be moving from New York City to San Francisco; where it will officially housed in Pinterest’s location.

The blog post also discloses that the developer tool called Instaparser will be removed and support will end on November 1st.

Now that Instapaper is owned by Pinterest, the team behind it expressed their excitement to create something new with the company.

For one thing, they are already looking forward to using their parsing technology for some Rich Pin types. Perhaps more can be expected from Instapaper when they are finally ready to start working with Pinterest.

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