Apple is expected to switch from LCD to OLED in a future iPhone sometime in 2017 or 2018. However, Innolux chairman says the move will only be temporary.

Digitimes quotes Innolux chairman and CEO Wang Jyh-chau, arguing that OLED is only a temporary replacement for LCD and suggests that Apple will adopt microLED (mLED) in the long term.

OLED cannot replace LCD in terms of performance-cost ratio and reliability, Wang explained. In addition, other new display technologies, such as microLED, are being developed, Wang said […]

As for Micro LED, Peng indicated it entails less capital investment than LCD but involves difficulties in manufacturing process. Therefore, it is too early to determine the prospect of microLED, Peng said.

microLED uses a conventional bright LED technology, in microscopic form, while OLED uses an organic film as a light emitting layer. microLED is capable of being 30 times brighter than OLED, but be more power-efficient at the same time. It also has a longer life span, something that OLED has been suffering with since the beginning.

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