New Mac Updates Coming In October, IPad Updates In 2017

Bloomberg reports that a Mac refresh for Apple’s entire lineup is coming in October, with new iPad enhancements coming in 2017.

The report says Apple is working hard on software-related features to better optimize the Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro. The software release is said to be released as part of the iOS 10 release cycle, in the first half of 2017, similar to how we saw iOS 9.3 drop earlier this year.

The Apple Pencil enhancements would allow users to annotate objects in a ray of applications in addition to currently supported applications. No hardware releases are expected until next year.

On the flip side, Bloomberg notes that new Macs can be coming in as soon as October. The new hardware includes updates to the MacBook Air and iMac with support for USB-C. However, the report doesn’t mention how many USB-C ports, or if Apple will keep any other ports.

As previously reported, a new, thinner MacBook Pro is also expected with a flatter keyboard, and an OLED touch bar up top, better known as the “Dynamic Function Row” internally.

For example, if a user is on their desktop, the screen will show a virtual representation of the standard function row, which includes brightness and media controls. When in an application, the virtual row will show options specific to the task at hand, but volume controls and a switch to show the default functions will always be present. The Safari web browser would enable controls for finding and defining terms, while the iMovie video editor would offer controls for cutting clips and a more-precise volume slider

With the death of the Apple Thunderbolt Display earlier this year, Apple is looking to work with LG Electronics to develop a new version of its external display, the report says. The display will feature a high-resolution “5K” screen, similar to the 5K panel found in the current 27-inch iMac.

Apple is holding a media event on September 7 in San Fransisco, California. We’re not expecting the company to release Macs during this time, but we do expect a new iPhone, a new Apple Watch with GPS and health tracking features, and software updates for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

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