Apple Watch 2 To Feature 35% Larger Battery

The biggest concern about putting GPS in the Apple Watch is battery life. Presumably, just like the iPhone, using GPS will take a large toll on the device’s battery life.

However, the GPS will likely only be used during outdoor workouts and when using navigation with Maps. A new leak now shows that the Apple Watch 2 may be getting a 35% larger battery than its predecessor.

The latest leak comes from Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo, and claims a significantly larger battery will be used for the next-generation Apple Watch.

The Watch will be going from 0.942 Wh-246 mAh to 1.28 Wh-334 mAh (for the 42mm, presumably) which would give the Watch one third more battery capacity. It’s worth noting that increased battery capacity isn’t the whole story as more efficient chips may lengthen its battery life.

With watchOS 3 likely launching with the Apple Watch 2, it should overall be a significant upgrade to the current generation Apple Watch.

With quicker software, increased battery life, and GPS, the Apple Watch 2 may be appealing to a lot of people, especially those who use Workouts on the Watch as having GPS, and a heart rate sensor can drain the battery quite a bit.

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