A video alongside a handful of photos shows off what could potentially be Apple’s Lightning to 3.5mm headphone adapter. It’s been rumored several times that Apple will be including an accessory in the box for its iPhone 7 which would hint at the company removing the headphone jack from the device.

The adapter shown has reportedly been obtained from a Foxconn factory in Vietnam (via Tinhte.vn) [Google Translate] and the reporter believes it’s an Apple genuine adapter.

The adapter shown in these photos look visually similar to Apple’s current adapters that it sells. This includes the slew of USB-C adapters and Apple’s Thunderbolt accessories.

When the adapter is plugged into a device running iOS 9 or lower, the software alerts the user that the adapter is incompatible. However, when plugged into a device running the iOS 10 beta, the dongle works immediately without any issues.

The report also notes that if headphones are plugged in to both the Lightning port and standard headphone jack, the iPhone takes the Lightning port as priority for audio.

While today’s adapter could (and probably is) a third-party product, it fits Apple’s design aesthetic really well.

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