While most of us aren’t expecting a new generation iPad Pro until Spring of 2017, a new pair of photos claim just that. More specifically the images depicted claim to be the 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2 and come from a Chinese supply-chain source.

The first hint that this could possibly be fake is the lackluster 12GB of storage. AI suggests that since these are prototypes, having a ton of storage wouldn’t be necessary, which makes some sense. Why fill storage on a device that will never make it to production?

The device’s model number lines up with Apple’s numbering scheme. Though, that means nothing. If a device were to be faked, might as well go the extra mile and make it look real.

Obviously, Apple will be working on a new version of its largest iPad. However, these photos are meaningless and don’t show any new capabilities that may be coming down the road.

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