In what feels like a never ending battle between Samsung and Apple, the Supreme Court has now revealed that it will be hearing Samsung’s appeal against Apple.

Specifically, the appeal will surrounding two patents Apple claimed Samsung infringed upon. The battle seemingly ended back in December when it was announced that Apple and Samsung reached a $548 million settlement.

However, in Samsung’s agreement, it claimed that it had the right to revoke reimbursement if any position of trial was modified.

Samsung says that lower courts had misapplied the law concerning Apple’s design patents in two ways. One, Samsung notes that the judge failed to “properly instruct the jury on the difference between functional and ornamental features.” And second, the Galaxy maker argues that the sum of damages is much too high.

The court hearing is scheduled for October 11. Of course, we’ll have full coverage of whatever happens. In the mean time, we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled to see if the now five-year patent war will finally come to an end.

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