Potential Lighting EarPods Shown Off In Video

A new video posted to YouTube is now showing what appears to be Lightning-enabled EarPods. More importantly, they could potentially be the ones that ship with Apple’s iPhone 7.

The video shows the Lightning-enabled EarPods hooked up to an iPhone 6s. Aside from Lightning instead of 3.5mm audio, they seem to function identically to the current EarPods Apple sells.

It’s unclear what Apple’s plan are in terms of headphones in the box, though. If rumors hold true, Apple could potentially ship with either Lightning or Bluetooth EarPods, or the standard 3.5mm version of its EarPods with an included Lightning to 3.5mm audio adapter. However, the latter seems unlikely.

Of course, the “EarPods” shown in the video could easily be a Chinese knockoff, or a DIY project. I’d take them with a grain of salt as they don’t seem to be up to par with Apple’s design aesthetic.

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