Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Pokemon Go has been all the rage in the past few weeks. People have become so hooked to the app that it has created a way for them to interact and go out of their homes.

Every day, we see so many reports about how establishments have taken this opportunity as a way to improve their brand and draw in more customers. It also has its share of controversy, particularly from those who have had accidents while playing the game on the street.

Because of its immense success with the public, it’s no longer a surprise to know that Apple has announced that Pokemon Go has earned the record for the highest number of downloads from the App Store during its launch.

Without announcing the official download numbers or stats, Apple shared that the app has broken the record. It has since been on the #1 spot on both Free and Top Grossing Top Charts from the App Store ever since it was released this month.

Relating the news to the public, The Loop shared that Apple has paid out $50 billion to the developers of the game. This is an impressive number which shows just how popular the game has become. It’s important to note, however, the game has just been out for a few weeks and in select countries.

When it first launched, Pokemon Go was available in the US and Australia; where it quickly hit the #1 spot of the App Store Top Charts. To help deal with server issues, the app’s developers Niantic and The Pokemon Company had to slowly release the game in different parts of the world.

After US and Australia, Pokemon Go was made available across Europe, Germany, the UK, and at least 26 other countries. The latest addition, Japan, was announced today.

Pokemon Go is a free to download game from the iOS App Store. However, it came with optional in-app purchases that gave its developers and Apple a way to earn money from the game.

This also led to why the app has reached a high rank on the Top Grossing charts. With the way things are going for the app, it’s likely that the 30% cut Apple could receive over the next two years could be as much as $3 billion.

This doesn’t stop for Niantic, however, as they expressed plans of introducing sponsored gyms and Pokestops to business establishments in the future.

With this, they could partner with these establishments and use this opportunity as an additional source of revenue; particularly for those who are fond of playing the game.

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