IPhone 7 Codenames ‘Sonora’ And ‘Dos Palos’ May Indicate No Pro Model, More Images Leak

Evan Blass has tweeted what he believes are the codenames for the two 2016 iPhone models. The tweet indicates that there may only be two iPhone models planned. Both codenames relate to towns in California.

While there have been multiple rumors of an iPhone 7 Pro, it appears that Apple has explored the idea. However, the company may never bring the idea to market.

The idea of codenames may be new, but photo and video leaks seem to be the norm this time around. Spotted by TechTastic, and coming from the same Weibo user who leaked this video has leaked more images of the new iPhone.

Though, we’d take these images with a grain of salt. Particularly, it appears that the Apple logo is just a sticker, and several image analysis (via 9to5Mac) show that the Apple logos are simply cloned onto the other pictures.

The images don’t show anything new, though. Cleaner antenna lines, larger camera cutout, and the lack of a headphone jack.

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