Apple Maps Updated With Enhanced Parking Information

Parkopedia has announced a deal with Apple today to provide its database of parking services through Apple Maps (via 9to5Mac). This means Apple Maps is now aware of over 40 million parking spots being tracked by Parkopedia across 75 countries in North America, Asia, and Latin America.

Previously, Apple Maps was only able to show a simple parking icon, now it’ll provide more detailed information such as number of spaces available, accessibility, and the type of parking facility. More importantly, it’ll show electric charging availability.

On top of providing the data, users are able to visit Parkopedia’s website or iOS app to view more information on pricing, real-time space availability, and more.

“We’re excited to deliver detailed information on more than 40 million parking spaces in 75 countries to Apple Maps customers. This is a very important milestone for Parkopedia. Our combined footprint in the consumer and automotive space is huge and this opens the doors to delivering a world of innovative solutions,” stated Parkopedia’s Head of Marketing, Christina Onesirosan Martinez.

Commenting on the announcement, Parkopedia’s CEO Eugene Tsyrklevich said “The ability to provide parking services to Apple Maps users around the world helps us reach millions of drivers who want to use technology to arrive at their destinations efficiently and on time.”

Parkopedia also noted that Apple Maps will soon be able to show the cheapest available parking lots.

While Apple has yet to officially announce the new addition, users who’re running both iOS 9 or iOS 10 beta are able to see the new improvements.

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