Apple: Don’t Send Samsung Case Back To Lower Court

Apple Don’t Send Samsung Case Back To Lower Court

Apple has now urged the U.S. Supreme Court to rule against Samsung’s request to send a multi-year patent lawsuit back to lower court for further hearings, Reuters reports.

According to court documents, Apple argues against the South Korean company saying it has “no evidence” that the design patent damages should be based on anything less than the value of a smartphone. The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear Samsung’s case in December.

For the past several years Samsung has argued that it has been hit with “excessive penalties” for copying the design of the iPhone. Samsung says the penalties were unfair because Apple was awarded damages for the total profits of the product, while the patent only infringed on a specific component of the phone.

In 2012, Apple was awarded nearly $1 billion in damages, however a significant portion of that was reversed in 2015, leaving $548 million on the table. Samsung has already paid the $548 million but could potentially win it back if the ruling is overturned.

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