With Apple’s latest Watch operating system, watchOS 3, the company can now tailor to wheelchair users by having a special mode that modifies how health data is recorded. For example, typically users will be prompted with a “Time to Stand” notification, while the new mode will prompt wheelchair users with a “Time to Roll” notification.

In a memo sent to retail employees, the company invites wheelchair users into their retail stores to test the new features in watchOS 3.

During Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, the company said it was working on the feature for months in partnership with Lakeshore Foundation and the Challenged Athletes Foundation which had roughly 300 wheelchair users who’ve recorded over 3,000 hours of activity research, and with the watchOS 3 beta, users are able to test the new feature.

It’s unclear whether or not Apple is giving retail employees the same build given out to developers, but it’s highly likely. With the retail and developer testing, Apple hopes to collect even more data to refine its algorithm.

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