This week, the unicode standard has been updated meaning 72 new emojis has been released and will be more than likely coming to iOS 10. The new update includes sneezing face, drooling face, ‘selfie’, boxing glove and ‘face palm’.

The unicode standard gets updated fairly frequently, but it takes time for them to be approved and incorporated into manufacturer’s devices. For example, Unicode 9.0 was approved on June 21, but will probably not make it into consumer hands until this fall on both iOS and Android.

Ideally, Apple will add these new emojis in the initial iOS 10 launch. However, if it’s delayed it’ll probably make it in a point-update in 10.1 or 10.2. The current iOS 10 developer beta does not include these new emojis yet, but it’s possible Apple will add them in a future beta.

You can find all 72 new emojis in the video below.

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