A previous rumor from Macotakara suggested that Apple will be ditching Space Gray in favor of a new Deep Blue color. Now, the same blog is saying that it was misinformed and that Space Gray will be replaced by a much darker black (via 9to5Mac).

I have heard another information that space grey would not be disconnected, but would be possibly updated to much darker color. Also, the new color would not be deep blue, but possibly formal black which is close to black.

The new color will be ‘a new Space Black finish, similar to the Apple Watch.’

According to the report, the new color will be replacing the existing Space Gray which mostly looks like a dark version of silver. It also claims that the home button will also be getting haptic feedback similar to how the Force Touch trackpad works, while retaining the physical home button design.

To an even lesser likelihood: the Apple Watch 2 will reportedly come with GPS to allow the Watch to work independently while on a Workout. The Workout app will also be getting swim tracking, which would lead to a tougher waterproofing for the next-generation Apple Watch.

Considering how often Apple likes to change the shade for Space Gray, introducing Space Black wouldn’t be unimaginable.

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