Sharp May Become The Third OLED Manufacturer For A Future IPhone

Nikkei reports that Sharp will be creating OLED displays for smartphones ‘before 2018.’ Currently, Samsung and LG dominant the OLED display market being the two largest manufacturers of the display.

While the 2016 ‘iPhone 7’ isn’t reported to have an OLED display, having a date of ‘before 2018’ gives hope as the iPhone is said to shift to OLED displays in 2017 or 2018.

It’s also worth noting that Sharp is one of the main suppliers of Apple’s current LCD displays it uses in its products.

Sharp currently supplies display panels to Apple, but it does not own OLED technology yet. Foxconn has said it will invest 200 billion yen to help Sharp develop the technology.

Whether it be Samsung, LG, or Sharp, Apple moving to OLED technology on its iPhone can only mean good things, potentially a dark mode on iOS?

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