Phil Schiller And Craig Federighi Talk IOS 10 Messages And Deleting Apps On The Talk Show

In the Apple space, John Gruber’s The Talk Show is one of the more popular podcasts around. Late last night, Gruber had Apple SVP’s Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi on the show live at WWDC. The two execs addressed some of the unknowns that they didn’t mention during the keynote on Monday.

The focus yesterday was mainly allowing developers build on what Apple has already created. Schiller and Federighi says that Apple likes to build the foundation internally before they allow developers to take advantage of them. An example would be Siri, which the company opened up to developers yesterday.

Apple’s end goal is to allow developers to do whatever they please to improve the end-user experience.

The two execs also spoke about their motivation behind the revamp of the Messages app on iOS 10. Basically, Apple is aware that the Messages app is the most used app on iOS, so they simply wanted to “make a difference in how people experience iOS, it’s Messages.”

The full interview isn’t available yet, but it should be available soon on Gruber’s website.

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