Old MacBook Pro Without Retina Display May Be Going Away

Four years after the debut of the MacBook Pro with Retina display, Apple may finally be killing the original non-Retina MacBook Pro. For reference, this specific model has not been updated ever since the conception of the model with a Retina display (AppleInsider via TechnoBuffalo).

As it stands right now, Apple is clearing the MacBook Pro from its show floor of its Apple Retail Stores. In-store availability is beginning to get low as stores are running out of stock as well.

This will entice customers to purchase a newer MacBook Pro with Retina display. However, it is highly unrecommended for customers to buy a MacBook Pro of any kind right now as Apple is planning to refresh the notebook in a few months.

It’s worth noting that the original MacBook Pro can still be purchased online if need be.

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