Over the last several weeks, Apple Watch owners have been noticing that many bands and actual Watch + band combinations are being listed as “Sold Out”, while other bands and configurations are still available to order.

While it’s pretty clear that Apple is following the fashion industry by stocking bands based on season, this is a totally different beast. Typically, when Apple believes a band or model is “out of season”, they mark it as “Unavailable”, however, these bands and models are bing listed as “Sold Out” something we’ve never seen Apple do before.

Here’s a list of bands that are currently out of stock. As you may notice, there’s no rhyme or reason to the list as some bands are available in 38mm but out of stock for the 42mm.

38 mm Sport
-Vintage Rose

42 mm Sport
-Royal Blue
-Vintage Rose

38 mm and 42 mm Nylon
-Gold/Royal Blue

42 mm Link Bracelet
-Space Black

Leather Loop
-Medium Storm Gray
-Medium Black
-Large Black

38 mm Classic Buckle
-Blue Jay
-Midnight Blue
-Storm Gray
-Marine Blue

42 mm Classic Buckle
-Midnight Blue
-Storm Gray
-Marine Blue

Modern Buckle
-Small Marigold
-Small Soft Pink
-Medium Midnight Blue
-Large Blue Jay

It’s interesting as some of the Hermès bands are listed as “Unavailable” as others are also listed as being “Sold Out”.

In terms of Apple Watch bundles, here’s that list:

Apple Watch Sport

–42mm Silver Aluminum Case with Royal Blue Sport Band
–42mm Silver Aluminum Case with Scuba Blue Woven Nylon
–38mm Rose Gold Aluminum Case with Royal Blue Woven Nylon
–38mm Gold Aluminum Case with Gold/Red Woven Nylon

Apple Watch

–42mm Stainless Steel Case with Storm Gray Leather Loop (All Sizes)
–42mm Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Space Black Link Bracelet
–42mm Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Black Sport Band
–38mm Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Black Sport Band
–38mm Stainless Steel Case with Blue Jay Modern Buckle (All Sizes)
–38mm Stainless Steel Case with Pearl Woven Nylon

There’s two logical explanations as to why Apple is listing these as sold out. One, Apple is preparing for its first mid-season Summer band refresh. Or two, the company is getting a head start at producing its new fall collection available later this year.

Without logistics coming into play, it could simply be the fact that Apple has actually run out of stock for these specific models and the company is simply waiting for new stock to come in.

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