Apple Launches New Colors Campaign To Showcase Photos Shot On IPhone

In continuation with its “Shot on iPhone” ad campaign, Apple has decided to change their strategy and focus on a new series of photos. On this series of photos, Apple has switched its tactics and has given importance on the colors of each photo showcased during the campaign.

According to TechCrunch, the new campaign is entitled “Colors” and is said to highlight photos captured on an iPhone through a series of billboards displayed in several countries.

Prior to this “Colors” campaign, Apple showcased photos and videos and used these as part of their “Shot on iPhone” series. The new campaign proves to follow a different route as it will highlight photos with bright and vibrant colors that are seen by individuals everyday.

According to reports, the new “Colors” campaign will feature billboards displayed throughout the US, Canada, UK, France, Australia, Spain, Germany, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, UAE, Chile, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, India, China, Korea, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Colombia, and Mexico. It will no longer include videos though.

Just like it has done in the past, Apple plans to give credit to the original photographer of the images that will be displayed on their “Colors” campaign. They have done the same practice in the past billboards as each image is printed with the original image source and the campaign branding “Shot on iPhone 6s”. The photographers were even surprised with a physical photo book of the “Shot on iPhone” ads used throughout the campaign.

The “Shot on iPhone” campaign was introduced early last year. It became a huge success and even received a top prize at last year’s Cannes Grand Prix festival. The series was revived just last month when Apple showcased some photos for Mother’s Day.

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