Jailbreak Developer Discovers And Enables Dark Mode In Settings App Of IOS 10

From the same developer who discovered the dark mode in the Messages app, Andy Wiik, he’s now found and enabled a dark mode for the Settings app in iOS 10. The latest images show that Apple is at least thinking about and working on a dark mode for its iPhone and iPad operating systems.

Prior to the unveiling of iOS 10 at WWDC, it was rumored that Apple would be bringing a dark mode to its mobile operating system. As the keynote went by, there was no mention of a dark mode (other than the one for the Apple TV in tvOS 10).

Aside from it being a highly-requested user feature, dark mode could be foreshadowing Apple’s move from LCD to OLED displays which would take advantage of darker backgrounds in terms of battery life.

If Apple were truly bringing the feature to its operating system, it would’ve announced it at WWDC to give developers more time to implement it into its own applications. More than likely, it’ll be a feature the company will continue to work on but not release until iOS 11.

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