Analyst: IPhone 7 Will Have A Force Touch Home Button

Earlier this week, we reported that the iPhone 7 may have a Force Touch Home button that uses haptic feedback to simulate a click. The source noted that the Home button will use the technology that’s currently being used on the Force Touch trackpad on MacBooks. Now, Cowen and Company are reporting that it will indeed be using the same tech (via Business Insider).

According to the report, the Home button in the iPhone 7 will sit flush with the rest of the screen. In addition, having a non-moving Home button means one less physical element to worry about failing.

After the sleep/wake button, the Home button is the most common physical failure on an iPhone. Hopefully, with the new button it could reduce the amount of visits to the Apple Store for replacements.

The biggest drawback to having a “virtual” home button is that it’ll take away the ability to reset the phone. If it works exactly like its MacBook counterpart, once the device is off it’ll no longer function because the clicking sensation is done through software.

If true, Apple would have to change the current method. Possibly using one of the volume buttons as a substitute.

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