Good news to all Twitter users! Early today, reports about Twitter ditching its 140-character limit have emerged online. But as the day progressed, more details about Twitter’s new announcement got clearer.

What was originally believed to be a move to get rid of the 140-character limit turned out to be something exclusively on the photos and links posted on Twitter. According to Bloomberg, this was Twitter’s way of encouraging their users to add more media to each of their tweets.

While this is exciting news for Twitter users, specific details about the announcement still remains unclear. For starters, each link posted on a tweet currently counts as 23 characters.

With the 140-character limit, there’s enough room to tweet a total of six links. Removing the character count for links could prove to have its ups and downs though. At the same time, each tweet has a limit of four images. Twitter still has to answer all these questions so its users know what to expect when using the social media site.

Pointing to an anonymous source as the one who gave information about the announcement, this new change to Twitter’s 140-character limit could start rolling out in a couple of weeks.

This move follows after its CEO Jack Dorsey was quoted early in the year about how they were looking into new ways their users could share more text on their tweets. At first, there were reports that Twitter was planning to increase their 140-character limit to 10,000. This was denied by Dorsey as the limit was considered a “good constraint”.

Back when Twitter first started, they introduced a 160-character limit that allowed their users to share a brief look of what they were thinking. At the time, users were sharing less images and links on the social media site.

As years passed, Twitter lowered the limit to just 140 characters and introduced the convenience of sharing images and links through tweets. If the new change proves to be true, Twitter users have an option of adding more media to their tweets without worrying about running out of characters for their text. And for most Twitter users, this is a struggle they know too well.

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