A few days ago, there were reports that circulated the internet talking about an in-home hub Apple was said to be working on. According to sources, this new product would be a direct competitor to the Google Home and the Amazon Echo. Today, we’re learning more about this product from an unnamed source shared by VentureBeat.

New reports about this mysterious product has surfaced. And in more detail, it’s been revealed that instead of developing an entirely new product, Apple is said to be working on adding Echo-like features to their next Apple TV version.

This means that just like the Amazon Echo, the next Apple TV could be equipped with a built-in speaker and a powerful AI system to create an in-home personal assistant device. If these reports are true, it could mean that the next Apple TV device could do more than just allow you to watch TV shows– it could answer your questions and even give you important details like current weather reports.

But instead of building an entirely new system, the future version of Apple TV could be given a deeper integration of Siri, which would make all these things happen.

To be able to process queries and serve results, Siri would need additional computing infrastructure. And lately, there are reports that Apple is actively working on making this happen. VentureBeat’s source shares that Apple has been considering various options.

Initially, they considered a standalone product like the Echo. But after giving much thought into it, they dropped the standalone option in favor of further improving Siri Remote on the Apple TV.

As of this writing, there are no details on when this next-generation Apple TV could be released with these features. But based on last year’s rumors, it looks like Apple has already started on developing this new improvement to Apple TV.

Either way, it’s exciting to see how an Apple product will compete against the Amazon Echo using Siri. Hopefully, we can get more information about this mysterious product soon.

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