Apple Releases ITunes 12.4 With Some New Design Tweaks

Apple today has released the long awaited iTunes 12.4. The new release comes seven months after the release of iTunes 12.3, and adds some welcome design tweaks, which was rumored earlier this month.

Today’s update may also add some new safeguards that could help prevent iTunes from deleting music from your library without your knowledge. While the new update may fix the issue that effects a small number of users, Apple was unable to recreate the problem in-house, so the bug may still be an issue.

Here’s today’s change log:

Now enjoy all of your music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and more in a simpler design.

Navigation. Now you can use Back and Forward buttons as you navigate between your Library, Apple Music, iTunes Store, and more.

Media Picker. Easily switch between Music, Movies, TV shows and more–and Edit to choose just the items you want.

Library and Playlists. Use Sidebar to view your Library in new ways. Drag and drop songs to easily add them to Playlists. And Edit Sidebar to show only your favorite views.

Menus. Menus in iTuns are now simpler and easier to use. Use the View menu to customize your Library or try context menus to act on specific items.

To update iTunes, simply go to the Mac App Store and use the built-in update mechanism in place.

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