Siri has been rumored to be coming to the Mac for a while now, and as of late, it seems like more and more of a reality versus a rumor. It’s been previously reported that Siri will have its own menubar icon in OS X 10.12. But, Siri may now get its own dock icon in the upcoming release, (via MacRumors).

According to the report, there will be a ‘Siri’ black and white menubar icon with the ‘Siri’ text in the middle surrounded by a box. While the dock icon has beautiful waveforms and resembles apps that are in the dock. Clicking on either icon will bring up a Siri waveform to indicate that she is ready for commands, similar to holding down the home button on iOS devices.

In addition, Siri on the Mac will also support ‘Hey Siri’, however, the function will be disabled by default and can be enabled by flipping a switch in system preferences.

While Siri on the Mac is still in its early development stages, it will resemble its iOS counterpart in terms of features. The Mac counterpart will be able to open apps, conduct web searches, control HomeKit, send text messages, read emails, set calendar events, and more.

And since Siri on the Mac isn’t complete, there’s a high chance that either icon will be modified before it gets unveiled next month at WWDC alongside OS X 10.12. It’s also worth noting that Apple has a history of pulling features last minute if it isn’t complete or doesn’t meet standards.

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