Apple Promotes Non-WWDC Sponsored Developer Community Events

Everyone in the Apple community is getting ready for the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) happening in San Francisco on June 13. This event happens every year and has always been attended by the big names in the industry.

For years, Apple has had trouble accommodating every developer who has shown interest in attending the event due to limited venue space. So as a way of helping those who are unable to join the conference, Apple has decided to promote the other developer community events set to take place in San Francisco during WWDC week.

Using its developer news portal to deliver its message, Apple shared this message earlier today:

Apple’s developer community will come together at WWDC16 in San Francisco to see the future of Apple platforms and connect with thousands of developers from all around the world. In addition to the activities planned for conference attendees, a variety of other exciting developer events will take place throughout the week in San Francisco. If you’re attending the conference or will be in the area during WWDC, learn about these other developer events.

The update promotes a total of four non-WWDC events set to take place in San Francisco. These events are expected to be attended by developers who could potentially meet up without the need to attend the WWDC. Among the non-WWDC events Apple is promoting includes the AltConf 2016, The Loop’s Beard Bash 2016, Layers, and The Talk Show with John Gruber.

Check out more details about each of the events by visiting the website.

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