According to a patent published today, Apple may be working on a way to integrate the Apple Pencil and the Magic Trackpad in such a way that the Apple Pencil could be used on the Mac, in addition to the two iPad Pro models.

Filed back in 2014, the Apple Pencil was originally dubbed ‘the stylus.’ The patent mainly discusses using the Pencil with a touchscreen display (aka the iPad), though several of the illustrations show it being used with a trackpad and an iMac.

To take it a step further, Apple suggests integrating a three- or six-axis inertial sensor to have the Pencil be used as a joystick or air mouse.

Inertial sensor input may be gathered when operating the stylus in one or more inertial sensor input modes such as an air mouse mode, a rotational controller mode, a joystick mode, and/or other inertial sensor input modes.

The Apple Pencil described in the patent is way more complex than the current shipping model. Which could mean Apple is working on a revision of the Pencil that could possibly be used with Macs.

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