Apple Looking To Build Electric Vehicle Charging Network For Its Rumored Electric Car

Tesla is widely known for having its Supercharging network which provides free charging to its electric vehicles. Naturally, Apple wants to do something similar to give customers a way to charge their vehicle without relying on third-party vendors. Reuters is now reporting that Apple is doing just that, hiring engineers who have experience in the field.

The report says that Apple is specifically exploring the technology behind charging stations that it would use for its electric vehicles.

Apple is now asking charging station companies about their underlying technology, one person with knowledge of the matter said. The talks, which have not been reported, do not concern charging for electric cars of Apple employees, a service the company already provides. They indicate that Apple is focused on a car, the person added.

If Apple is serious about its electric vehicle, building some sort of charging network makes sense as it’ll essentially be replacing the gas stations we have now. In perspective, gas stations outnumber EV charging stations by a long shot.

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