Now With Right-To-Left Support And Comes In Arabic Language

Earlier today, Apple launched its new version that now sports Arabic language. Along with a new right-to-left text font, this is the first time Apple is including the language on both its website and online store.

This new language can be viewed when visiting Apple’s United Arab Emirates website. But while the language and the font has changed, most of the links on the UAE site still redirect the user to the English version.

Apple hasn’t made this announcement official but the new Arabic font used on their website is credited to the Tarek Atrissi Design agency on Twitter. They are said to have been the one to design the font.

Although Apple has added Arabic language to its website, they still haven’t updated their Apple Store app with support for the language. When choosing UAE as the location, the app still displays things in English.

This isn’t the first time Apple launched support for their right-to-left language. Last year, they made this move in iOS 9, which allowed app developers to implement support for right-to-left languages on their UI.

Since then, Apple has grown significantly in its physical retail presence in its market in the UAE. Shortly after, Apple added Arabic support to Siri.

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