Whatever Apple decides to call the next iPhone, there’s a high chance that the iPhone maker will be getting rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack. According to Macotakara, some Chinese accessory makers area already prototyping adapters that’ll help users make the switch without replacing their existing headphones.

There’s a low chance that any of these will actually become products. Especially when one of them claim to be MFI-certified. If anything, that specific product will be in the process of being MFI-certified.

Rumors of Apple ditching the headphone jack for lightning has been around for roughly six months and has since been reported multiple times by various outlets.

The more interesting question is how Apple will spin this for their EarPods. On one hand, the company could go Bluetooth, with charging via the Lightning port, similar to how Apple Pencil works. Or, they could go wired and have wired EarPods that plug in via Lightning.

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