Apple vs. FBI Court Case May Go To Supreme Court

Apple vs. FBI Court Case May Go To Supreme Court

Tim Cook is standing firmly on his belief that consumer privacy and security is the top priority at Apple. His strongly-worded response to the court order instructing the company to assist the FBI brute-force an iPhone obviously proves that the iPhone maker is determined to fight till the end, whether that means fighting the U.S. Supreme Court. There is now more information that will remove any doubt about their case.

According to the NY Times, Apple plans to continue to increase its use of strong encryption.

Mr. Cook has told colleagues that he still stands by the company’s longstanding plans to encrypt everything stored on Apple’s myriad devices, services and in the cloud, where the bulk of data is still stored unencrypted.

“If you place any value on civil liberties, you don’t do what law enforcement is asking,” Mr. Cook has said.

On top of that, the article reveals that Apple had asked the FBI to make its court application private. However, the FBI chose to instead make it a public fight.

This creates some speculation that could possibly suggest that the FBI has purposely chosen a high profile test-case to see the reaction from the public.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has also weighed-in on the whole debacle. Siding with Apple, he says that Apple’s reputation is built on the trust of its customers, via CNBC.

I believe that Apple’s brand recognition and value and profits is largely based on an item called trust. Trust means you believe somebody. You believe you’re buying a phone with encryption.

You can’t trust who is in power. It’s like believing the authority and police wherever they go. Generally, when they write the rules, they’re right when they’re wrong.

Woz also noted that he believes Steve Jobs would’ve made the same decision Tim Cook did to fight the court order and that “the word ‘terrorism’ has been used way too often to scare people.”

The WSJ also reported that privacy advocates are planning to hold rallies at Apple Stores all across the United States in support of the company.

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