Apple Publishes New Apple TV Ad Showing Off Popular TvOS Apps

Apple today published a collection of Apple TV Talks through its Developer Portal. These videos demonstrate how developer should design and develop apps and games for tvOS on the fourth-generation Apple TV.

The company previously showed developers how to create apps by visiting various places around the world. However, Apple is now trying to make it easier on developers by publishing its Apple TV Tech Talk collection on Apple’s Developer Portal.

Over the past few months, developers around the world learned how to design and develop apps and games for Apple TV directly from Apple experts. Now you can share in the experience by watching all the session videos from the Apple TV Tech Talks.

The collection consists of 11 different sessions. Each session guides developers through the process of creating a tvOS app. Everything from designing the interface, to developing for the Siri remote and preparing the app for the tvOS App Store.

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