Apple Publishes New Apple TV Ad Showing Off Popular TvOS Apps

Apple today released a new advertisement showcasing its latest generation Apple TV. This ad continues the trend of Apple showing off apps on the Apple TV platform, informing customers that the device can run apps. The title of the ad is “Apple TV – The Future of TV is Apps,” which is the slogan Apple has been using for all of their Apple TV ads as of late.

Continuing the trend, this ad shows off tvOS apps. In this specific ad, Netflix, ESPN, Asphalt 8, Disney Infinity, GrubHub, Showtime, Crossy Road, HBO Now, and Fox Now are being shown. And of course, Apple has carefully picked out apps from various categories.

The ad closes out with the same color bars followed by the slogan “The future of television,” as an overlay. You can view the ad below:

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