Craig Federighi Says ‘The Next Level Of Literacy’ Is Programming, Promotes Hour Of Code

In an interview focused on Apple’s upcoming Hour of Code workshop, SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi says “the next level of literacy” is programming (via BBC).

“These devices are so much a part of our lives, we have a computer in some form wherever we go, that the ability to create in that medium is as fundamental as the ability to write,” he said […]

He says programming should be seen as a “language and a way of thinking”. And while many young people have a great facility in using devices, he says being able to programme them is the “next level of literacy”.

The software engineer began fiddling with code when he was only 10 years old. Federighi also mentioned that most people don’t know what software engineers look like, or what they do.

He stated that the geeky image of poorly dressed programmers are a thing of the past.

People sometimes have a view of programming that is something solitary and very technical. But programming is among the most creative, expressive and social careers.

It’s an incredibly creative medium, not unlike music, and there’s a tremendous cross-over between people who programme and musicians.

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