Apple’s Cloud Woes Continue With Game Center Games Disappearing [Updated]

After Apple’s cloud services were down for several hours yesterday morning, things finally seemed to be getting back to normal. However, it looks like there may be a new issue. Users and developers are both reporting that Game Center has removed active game data from various games.

This includes games such as Loren Brichter’s Letterpress:

Looks like Game Center deleted everyone’s active Letterpress games. Anyone know of other Game Center apps are affected?

— Loren Brichter (@lorenb) July 22, 2015

Crossly by Mercury Intermedia also took to Twitter to inform its users about the outage:

Did your Crossly matches disappear? This appears to be a Game Center issue affecting many iOS games. We’re checking to see what we can do. — Crossly (@crosslygame) July 22, 2015

Game Center wasn’t part of the outage yesterday, but it could still be related to a general issue Apple is dealing with in their cloud infrastructure. As of now, Apple’s support site still lists Game Center as functioning. But just because the servers are up doesn’t mean there could have been an issue with data.

If you are a user that is seeing this issue, please do not complain to the game developer. They are as powerless as you right now. This is something that Apple will need to fix.

@lorenb @siracusa it’s for every GC apps, even our game has lost every match. And our customer blame us

— Jacopo Andrea Giola (@JGiola) July 22, 2015

If you’re experiencing issues with a game in Game Center, or you’re a developer of a game that has been affected, we’d love to hear your comments and feedback below. Or reach out to me on Twitter at @JoshHrach.

UPDATE (5:09pm EST): It looks like the data is still there in Game Center, but apps themselves can’t access it. That being the case, it’s just a matter of Apple correcting things on their side. It’s good to know that the data is likely still there, so nothing should have been lost.

@JoshHrach correct. I can see games in GameCenter app. they just don’t go to the phone. API doesn’t return them, or perhaps in error state

— Nikolai Yakovenko (@ivan_bezdomny) July 22, 2015

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