There Are Now Over 6,000 Apple Watch Apps

There are now over 6,000 apps available for Apple Watch — double the number that launched with the device back in April.

According to data provided to Today’s iPhone by App Store analytics firm App Annie, as of Monday the number of apps available for Apple’s new wearable stood at 6,352 — a 108% increase since the Apple Watch’s debut — with more being added daily.

Compare that success to the launch of the App Store for iPhone in 2008, which arrived with just 500 apps, and you can immediately see the willingness of developers to adopt the Watch platform.

Of the 6,000+ Watch apps available today, approximately 12% are utilities, 8% productivity, 7% Lifestyle and 7% Health & Fitness. Around 10% of current Watch apps are games.

At WWDC this week, Apple announced watchOS 2 with support for native applications, third-party Complications and APIs allowing access to Watch hardware. This should spur developers to make more advanced applications not possible before with WatchKit.

“Native app support is a game changer and is going to make the Apple Watch even more attractive for developers,” says Danielle Levitas, App Annie’s SVP of Research & Analysis. “Native support turns the Watch into a true standalone device, and will provide a better experience for the end-consumer in the long run.”

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