Ever tried to do a software update but ended up not being able to because of a lack of free space? Apple has taken multiple approaches to this issue this year. At WWDC, we learned about App Thinning and several techniques Apple is doing to provide smaller update sizes. However, iOS 9 has another built in option.

Well this is new. pic.twitter.com/BQKMDn5D6c

— Kaleb Butt (@Kaleb_Butt) June 23, 2015

When prompted to install an over-the-air update in iOS 9, if you don’t have enough free space, your iOS device will offer to temporarily delete some applications to free up enough space.

Once the system update is complete, your device will automatically download the apps it had previously deleted. And don’t worry: your application data remains intact.

This feature is great for users on devices with smaller storage capacities, such as 16GB or even 8GB models. Do you have such a device? What do you think of this news?

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