Apple Will Make It Easy To Bring Your Beats Music Subscription Over To Apple Music

Apple just unveiled Apple Music, its comprehensive streaming music and radio service. Build on Beats Music tech it acquired and the iTunes Radio service it developed in house, Apple Music is your new one-stop-shop for all things musical.

But what if you already subscribe to Beats Music? Apple will make it easy to bring over your subscription, playlists and saved albums according to its Apple Music FAQ:

What happens to my Beats Music service?
Once Apple Music launches on June 30, you can easily move your current Beats Music subscription over to Apple Music. Just open Beats Music on your iOS device and you’ll be prompted to join Apple Music. Once you’ve signed up, the playlists you’ve created or subscribed to and the albums you’ve saved in your Beats Music library will all be available to you in Apple Music.

Over at the Beats Music site, there’s more:

What happens to my Playlists and Library from Beats Music?
If you are a current Beats Music subscriber and want to join Apple Music, your music will come with you. You also get to keep your Beats username, so your musical identity stays with you.

Once you move your account to Apple Music, your Beats Music subscription will be canceled. Any unused balance on your account will be refunded: “For carrier subscriptions, any unused balance is refunded by the carrier. For non-carrier subscriptions, the credit is applied towards your iTunes account.”

How do you like the look of Apple Music? Will you be subscribing come June 30th? Let us know in the comments

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