Apple Watch Lonely Heart(beat)s Take To Reddit To Find Digital Touch Partners

If you’re waring an Apple Watch already, you’re part of a pretty small club of early adopters. With the first batch of pre-orders still being shipped out to customers, you’re likely not to know too many people who are also wearing the Apple wearable.

Without Apple Watch being truly mainstream yet, there are a number of Watch-specific communication functions that you can’t really use. Digital Touch, as Apple has dubbed it, allows Watch wearers to send sketches, taps and even their heartbeat to each other.

But many Watch owners are currently without one crucial part needed for these features to work: someone else with an Apple Watch to communicate with!

Perhaps the epitome of first nerd problems, Watch wearers have taken to Reddit (of course) to find other lonely Apple Watch hearts.

The subreddit r/lonelyheartbeats has been established for users to share their email addresses associated with their Apple Watches so that they can send drawings, taps and heartbeats to each other and experience all that Digital Touch has to offer.

While sending your heartbeat to a stranger you met on Reddit might not appeal to everyone (feeling a stranger’s pulse beating against my wrist? No thanks…), the community is burgeoning at r/lonelyheartbeats according to the thread’s creator who spoke to WIRED.

Of course, sharing your email address online comes with its own associated risks and, predictably, there is an apparent penchant for sending drawings of male genitalia in the lonelyheartbeats community.

But if you really want to try Digital Touch and don’t yet have any friends who also own the device, this could be the easiest way to find willing participants.

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