Samsung Creating 200-Strong Team To Make Screens Just For Apple Products

According to a new report by Bloomberg, Samsung has set up an independent team of around 200 employees to work solely on screens for Apple products. The new team has been formed in order to “strengthen business ties” between the two tech giants who have battled it out in the courtroom on many occasions over the past few years.

The relationship between Apple and Samsung seems to have improved if this report is any indication. Previous patent lawsuits were dropped in 2014 and Samsung has reportedly won the contract to produce Apple’s next-generation A9 processors for future iOS devices.

Interestingly, the new team at Samsung Display Co., which provides screens for Apple’s iPad and MacBook lines, will only be able to share information about Apple-related business within the group. LG, another of Apple’s display partners, is also said to have a similar team in its operation focused only on supplying Apple.

Samsung’s Apple-focused team was formed on April 1st, according to people familiar with the matter. With Samsung’s mobile market share in decline and its earnings falling, it seems the company is doubling down on its components business.

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